Lorraine, a sovereign state for almost ten centuries, can boast one of the largest castles in France, a superb example of French classicism, nicknamed "Le Versailles de Lorraine".

Heir to a long lineage, Duke Leopold (1679-1729) raised Lunéville to the rank of capital, and from 1702 onwards, the old castle began its metamorphosis. This one is the work of Germain Boffrand, a brilliant French architect who was appointed First Architect of the Duke in 1711. Twenty years of work will be necessary to transform the former residence into a princely residence. The elegant majesty of the facades frames the harmonious sequence of the courtyards. The palace opens onto the perspective of the sumptuous French-style park. By the coincidences of European politics, the Duchy of Lorraine returned in 1737 to Stanislas Leszczynski, former King of Poland and stepfather of King Louis XV of France.

In the gardens, the architect Emmanuel Héré creates an enchanting setting with fancy pavilions where the celebrations that all Europe admires take place. When Stanislas died in 1766, the former Duchy of Lorraine was attached to France. In 2003, the castle, which became the property of the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle, suffered a terrible fire. Restoration work has begun, the vestibule has regained its former splendour. Approach and discover the construction site, walks in the Parc des Bosquets are open all year round to visitors. Temporary exhibitions take place inside the castle from June to December, others animate the park and gardens from June to September

The restored areas of Château de Lunéville were closed to the public from 1 January to 20 February 2018.

The restored castle chapel Built from 1720 to 1723 by Germain Boffrand, the chapel of the Château de Lunéville reinterprets the model offered by the royal chapel of Versailles. It stands out from this prestigious example by the double elevation of columns, whose skilful proportions contribute to the harmony of the building. The large windows at the height of the grandstand allow the light reflected by the white walls and vault to penetrate. Here no marble, the capitals of the columns and the sculptures are made of plaster. It is above all Barthélemy Guibal, one of the great names in Lorraine art, who creates the angel heads and the flower piers that surmount the arcades and windows.

Very pious, Duke Leopold went every morning from his apartments to the chapel to attend Mass. His successor Stanislas Leszczynski, more ostentatious, lay face down on the ground during communion and then, when his health no longer allowed him, knelt on his prayer-God, his face buried in his hands. Totally destroyed by the fire that ravaged the castle in 2003, the chapel has been restored according to the know-how of the 18th century. It has regained its former glory to host concerts and cultural events today.

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