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The Parc (grounds) of the Château de Bas in Champigneulles have been a listed site since 1955. The 13-hectare English-style formal gardens comprise vast lawned clearings edged with copses of trees and shrubs (26 species commonly found in Lorraine).
The Saint-Barthélemy stream runs through the grounds and feeds into the lake, which once supplied water to the former flour windmill built in around 1350.

Lovers of rare plants can catch a glimpse of some of Lorraine’s last remaining specimens of two interesting species: tulipa sylvestris (woodland tulip) and gagea villosa (hairy star of Bethlehem). Both species are protected in France and are subject to extensive conservation efforts.
The trees are renewed through natural regeneration, and natural vegetation is used for landscaping purposes (e.g. corydalis solida, alliaria petiolata, geum urbanum, poaceae, geranium robertianum and ornithogalum umbellatum). These plants are “cultivated” in accordance with their natural life cycle.
There is also abundant wildlife, including several species of bird – herons, kingfishers, white-throated dippers, tawny owls, various passerines and, occasionally, ducks and waterfowl.


Mairie de Champigneulles
03 83 34 23 00
Region Val de Lorraine
Close to Nancy


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  • Pratique de l'activité :
    • Outdoor
  • Pets welcome :
    • YES
  • Groups welcome :
    • YES
  • Coach park :
    • NO
  • Conditions of visit (individuals) :
    • Tour of exterior only
    • Visit on your own at all times
    • Free :
      • YES
    From 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020

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