The valley of the Terrouin, a wild and nature-friendly valley, has an exceptional biodiversity : beavers, wildcats, kingfishers, grey herons, green and Boreal chorus frogs, grass snakes (natrix natrix)…..
Thanks to a patchwork of natural settings : rivers, ponds, meadows, calcareous soils, former quarries.

The valley of the Terrouin classified by the Department Council as a nature-friendly valley (ENS) occupies 3 different areas that are managed and promoted by the Association of local authorities Hazelle-en-Haye.

- The stream Terrouin of which the meanders are lined by ripisylves, is flowing through open hayfields and pastures.
- The quarry “Le Breuil” in Villey-Saint-Etienne, where nature slowly takes possession again of this former limestone quarry
- The calcareous grasslands in Jaillon where the dryness has developed a fauna and flora that is typical for a thermophile environment.

Created and managed by the local authorities, the nature trail along the Terrouin will take you to discover the pretty valley proposing two itineraries with panels explaining you the history and the treasures of local biodiversity :

The Terrouin and the quarry hiking loop : From the waterside, this trail takes you to the former quarry of Villey-St-Etienne and offers you a beautiful viewpoint on this amphitheater where nature reclaims its rights. After passing through a small forest punctuated by openings onto the landscape, you’ll come to the stream and pass over a footbridge. You’ll arrive back at the beginning of the trail while walking through the meadows and the forests in the valley.

Distance : 3 km

Departure point : Parking at the restaurant “Le Pavillon Bleu”

Difference in altitude : 50 m

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Itinerary from the waterside to the calcareous grasslands : leaving from the waterside or from the village Jaillon you can admire the unique panorama of the Terrouin valley while visiting the calcareous grasslands with its beautiful orchids and its attendant insect pollinators. You can then follow the green valley and pass by the magnificent “lavoir” (wash house) lost in the middle of nowhere.

Distance : 8 km (round trip)

Departure point : The village of Jaillon or the parking of the restaurant “Le Pavillon Bleu”

Difference of altitude : 100 m

  • Type of touring route :
    • Walking-related
  • Coordonnées

    Sous Le Pont De Fresnes
    Sous Le Pont De Fresnes
    Region Terres de Lorraine
    Close to Liverdun


    Informations complémentaires

  • Conditions for skiers :
    • Permanent unrestricted access
    • Signposted route
  • Conditions for skiers - Groups :
    • Permanent unrestricted access
    • Signposted route
  • Distance (approx.) :
    • 5 to 10 km
  • Difficulty of route / loopback :
    • easy
  • Groups welcome :
    • YES
  • Location :
    • Location  : Dans la nature
    • Starting point (town)  : VILLEY SAINT ETIENNE
  • Characteristics of the route :
    • Distance in kms  : 8

    • * champs obligatoires